A downloadable game for Windows

Created for the One Button Jam.

Advanced field operatives are being sent out to blow up anxious white-haired clone guys. Explode your agents on command to solve different puzzles in order to get to (and obliterate) the white-haired clones.

Press the 'Space' button or 'A' button on an Xbox-controller to blow up your agents; they'll do the rest of the work.

There are only 8 levels in the game because I was lacking on time and I'm terrible at making puzzles ;)

ALSO you can press the 'M' key to mute the music (I spent a lot of time on the music so doing so would offend me) and the 'Escape' key to quit. Have fun!

Install instructions

Open up the zip file and launch the 'Explosition-PC' application. Have fun!


Explosition-PC.rar 30 MB


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Good humour and good mechanics. I found a bug where the default resolution cuts off the right side of a later level. But other than that, had a lot of fun and was chuckling at a lot of it!